Actionable insights for engineering teams to build better software faster

Build high-performing teams and efficient processes using insights & dashboards from your SCM tools like Bitbucket, Github or Gitlab

10,000 feet high insights to root cause in seconds
Track maintenance vs rework

Build high performing teams with a data driven culture

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    Continuously Improve (CI) with team based metrics, identify your team's skills, not just their roles
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    Data driven culture helps with team retention, happiness and overall success
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    Encourage collaboration, identify knowledge silos, find their 'peak' times
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    Invest in your team's learning and development based on their skill gaps and interests
build high-performing teams
The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous, and more development-oriented.

Make strategic decisions using data at your finger tips

  • Break the disconnect in perceptions between management and engineers
  • Want to budget for your L&D? We can show the areas your team needs to upskill.
  • Identify data driven insights that signal future wins and risks
  • Create compelling business cases for your next leadership or board meeting
Become a data-driven leader
Supplement your gut decisions with data to make informed decisions, and shift from subjectivity to objectivity.
Efficiency gains with actionable insights

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What people have to say about Insightly

When my CEO asked on the health of our tech team and how we can improve, the responses were always subjective. Now, we use the reports from Insightly regularly during our leadership meetings for better decisions.

- Michael, Engineering leader, Virginia

With Insightly, we were able to increase our releases by 8% within the first 2 months and can see opportunities for better speed and stability.

- CEO, Tech co-founder, Silicon Valley, CA

Now, I have a way to clearly measure if my new process changes are being effective or backfiring - in a data driven way.

- Chirag, CTO of UK based company

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