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Correlate data across Git and Jira. Insights from 90 days' historical data when you sign up for the free trial.

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Build high performing teams with a data-driven culture

A Data-driven culture helps with team retention, happiness, and overall success. Continuously Improve with team-based metrics, and identify your team's skills, not just their roles. DORA metrics and more.

Get your project running, fast
Identify bottlenecks in your process
Designed to anticipate risks
Easy to use and customize

Going fast isn’t for everyone

See how much time your team is spending on writing code vs. reviewing it. Find your optimal speed without burning out engineers.

The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous, and more development-oriented.

Release days aren’t the right time to know about what’s not going out

Know in advance and avoid surprises. Save time with data driven stand up calls, automated status updates.

Hear what teams around the world are saying about Insightly

"When my CEO asked about the health of our tech team and how we can improve, the responses were always subjective. Now we use the reports from Insightly regularly during our leadership meetings for better decisions."
Michael  -  Engineering leader, Virginia
With Insightly, we were able to increase our releases by 8% within the first 2 months and can see opportunities for better speed and stability.
CEO - Tech Co-Founder, Silicon Valley, CA
Now, I have a way to clearly measure if my new process changes are being effective or backfiring - in a data driven way.
Chirag  -   CTO of UK based company
Insightly helped us augment our gut-feelings with data, enabled us to be confident in our strategic decisions
CTO  -   Unicorn startup, Texas

With Insightly, your teams can achieve

20% faster features
Increase speed of releases.
25% more releases
Increase throughput of teams.
50% fewer hot fixes
Reduce production bugs

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